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Alvin Brass Bullet Pencil Sharpener

This sharpener is designed to help with the removal of errors and tarnish on standard diameter pencils. It is made of brass for extra strength and is also licensed and regulated by the american national pen company. Make sure to check this sharpener out before purchasing!

Alvin Brass Bullet Pencil Sharpener Target

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Alvin Brass Bullet Pencil Sharpener Ebay

The alvin brass bullet pencil sharpener for standard diameter pencils 9866 is a great way to keep your pencils sharp and clean. This sharpener has a black finish and it is made of durable materials. It is perfect for anyone who wants to keep their pencils looking good. this alvin brass bullet pencil sharpener for standard diameter pen pistols is perfect for pencils. It helps to sharpenwood, paper, and other standard diameter pen pistols. this brass bullet pencil sharpener is perfect for holding pens and other sharpening stones. It requires no assembly when you get it, and can be used as a place to store your sharpening stones until you need them or as a new sharpener yourself. this aluminum-hulled tool is designed to fit into any tool bag and ischafe off to one side to make it easy to use. The brass bullet pencil sharpener is a great way to keep your pencil sharpener full and organized.