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X-acto School Pro Classroom Electric Pencil Sharpener

This electric pencil sharpener is perfect for using on-the-go, international or zero-landing businesses. It has a black coloration with a white x in the middle, that makes it easy to find. The sharpener also has a detachable cable, that is also international or zero-landing compatible.

- Classroom
Black 1670x Nib

X Acto Electric Pencil Sharpener Manual

The acto electric pencil sharpener is a great tool for those who have poor sharpening skills. It can be easily panasonic electric pencil sharpener for sale sharpened acto electric pencils. The sharpener comes with a manual, which gives you more of a chance to learn how to sharpen pencils. You can check it out in full here.

Pencil Sharpener School

The x-acto school pro classroom electric pencil sharpener is perfect for use in classroom settings. This sharpener comes with a 1670dl battery that will sharpen pencils in the class room or office for up to 8 hours. this blue gray x-acto pencil sharpener is perfect for your classroom! With this sharpener, you can use your class's pencils to get the right levels of sharpening and writing is never as important as it should be with this sharpener. this is a must-have for your x-acto collection! This sharpener helps to reduce the use of sharpening stones or other tools by sharpeningclassical or gray ink drawing or writing tools with the use of x-acto. this x acto pro pencil sharpener is perfect for using on your classroom duty. It has a powerful magnetic pull to hold your pencil evenly, a 1670 price point, and an history of being aschool pro classroom electric pencil sharpener.